Tuesday, June 28, 2011

day trip to destin.

I seriously thought Emme was about to skip walking all together and go straight to a "Florence Griffith Joyner- style" sprint!
So, right after the first picture was taken the mini me and I, armed and dangerous with the stroller that likes to steer itself, rushed to the nearest kids store. swimsuit. check.

straps that are two sizes too big. check.

the mini me striking a pose before she scooted her fanny right smack in the middle with all the "big kids." 

mommy had to go in after her...and got to try and dodge screaming seven year olds in the process.

she's fearless.

that smile is priceless.

and...........we survived!

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The mini me gets her first haircut!

Please notice who's holding the iphone and who's holding the "pappy"...yeah, she's spoiled.

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Thursday, June 2, 2011

click here for a little peek at what I like to do while the mini-me naps....of course in between work and sewing!

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