Sunday, March 6, 2011


So what if I am off to a (fashionably) late start. It happens, and does so quite frequently. I agreed to join Mallory with the adventure of "capturing the beautiful 365". Excuse me while I call someone other than myself out tell the intended beginning date of this project (as I am not the only one tagging along to get things going and on time) The original plan (who makes plans, anyway) was to start on January 1st. That fell through along with a million other things. I was supposed to start CTB 365 on the first The first of March, that is. Psssst.... hello.... March 6th, are you ready for me? I sure hope so because I have jumped on the train to join CTB 365. But first and foremost, I have a rule or two to go along with this whole sha-bang... there will be no judging or pointing fingers if a day (or four) are skipped before I ctb my way into the next day. If you haven't heard it from me before, It is safe to say promise you will hear it at some point.... Being a Mom is work. Hard work. Not to dare be misunderstood, the best job I have ever (and hands down, will ever) have. I wake up working, go throughout my entire day working and through ever second of my shut-eye, continue working as the mini me snuggles up close to me throughout the night. (yes, e sleeps with me. regardless of the con's that might come from some, that is how I do it. because i am the boss of this whole mommy thing, right? i will save that topic for a whole different post on a brand new day, someday.)


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