Monday, February 28, 2011

some days {key word: some} i feel certain that i come pretty darn close to finishing the impossible.
[a dozen outfit changes later + washing a many bottles + work from 8 to 5 + 

changing diaper after diaper + giving all my (never ending) love to the mini me + 

taking a mommy time out to quickly run a brush through my own hair, ect.] 

whew! i'm tired just thinking about it.
i am no longer afraid to admit that being a mom is tougher than i would have ever thought. yes, exhaustion runs deep in me. but when i witness this grin it literally just picks me right up and somehow (somehow) puts the shoes i suspect a goddess would wear right on my feet. (the feet. that have toes. that need a pedicure. something awful)

There is just so much good in the seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks (and soon to be a whole year-crazy.) that I get to I spend with the Mini Me. Subconsciously I catch myself adding a tally mark for every single day of Emme's life and praying that I (in some way) taught her something beautiful before she closes her brown eyes for the night. 

My role as the twenty two year old has changed. That was my only option. I can't make a single promise stating that it was simple, smooth sailing right into the transaction....
but I can promise this:
e changed my life.
and i love being her mom.
i strive to be a better person {for her}.
and the very best part-
i am so thankful that she loves me

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